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Sensial Masque Hydratant Apaisant

Face and neck mask with moisturizing and soothing agents, enriched with Ceramides III, organic aloe and Pyrus Malus seeds which soothe irritated skin, provide deep hydration and have healing properties.


In addition, the combination of aminoacids and metals that it contains, hydrates, soothes, gives a sense of smoothness and rejuvenates your skin and protects from the effects of stress.


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Face and neck
Skin with redness and intense dryness
Irritated, worn and dull skin, with a need for immediate rejuvenation and glow
For use after plastic surgery, laser, peeling and sun burn
Skin with atopic dermatitis
Skin with signs of tiredness
Leave the cream on for 10-15 minutes
Remove it with a tissue, if required
Clean your skin with Sensial Gel Nettoyant Surgras or Sensial Lait Nettoyant Démaquillant before application
Organic aloe extract: Healing, soothing and softening properties
Pyrus Malus extract: Rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle protection
Bio-compatible component (combination of amino acids and metals): Comfort, well-being, protection from the effects of stress, hydration
Ceramides ΙΙΙ:Improves hydration
Phospholipid-based proliposomes With a technology that improves skin penetration of active ingredients

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