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Sensial Lait Hydratant Surgras

Body lotion with a Biomimetic Moisturizing System*, which acts like a “second skin”, and a liquid crystals system, for an   which leaves the skin soft as silk and a feeling of immediate hydration.


Synthesis enriched with Phytosteroles, Ceramides III, Vitamin E and Oat extract, which improve hydration, smooth, nourish sensitive skin and provide anti-oxidant protection.


*Phospholipid-based Biomimetic Moisturizing System: A system  mimicking the composition and structure of the skin, which restores skin barrier function and preserves its moisture.. It also facilitates the penetration of active ingredients for optimum effectiveness.


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All sensitive skin types.
Suitable for children older than 6 years of age
Apply daily with a gentle massage all over the body focusing on very dry areas.
Clean your skin with Sensial Gel Nettoyant Surgras before application
Phospholipid-based Biomimetic Moisturizing System with a liquid-crystal technology: Intensive moisturizing, immediate sense of silk-like softness
Phytosteroles: Softening, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties
Ceramides: Hydrates
Vitamin Ε: Antioxidant protection
Avena Sativa: Moisturizing, soothing and softening properties

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