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Dermopur Shampooing Intégral

Gentle shampoo and douche for the treatment of oily skin on the scalp, the face and the body.


Contains a combination of active ingredients oleanolic acid/ NDGA & lactoferrin/ lactoperoxidase which help minimize excess sebum production and normalize oily skin imperfections. In addition, it prevents irritation and infections caused by the bacteria which grow in the oily environment.
The active ingredients it contains strengthen the natural defence and hydration of the skin, protect and tone the hair, making it soft and easy to style.


Soap – free.


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Oily skin
Safe in cases seborrheic dermatitis
Children older than 6 years of age
For the body: Daily in the shower
For the hair: Apply on wet hair, create some foam and massage gently.
Rinse once. Apply again and leave the product for 1-2 minutes for a maximum effect. Suitable for frequent use.
Lactoferrin - Lactoperoxidase combination: Helps minimize excess sebum, prevents irritation and infections caused by the bacteria which grow in the oily environment.
Oleanolic acid/ NDGA combination: Helps reduce oiliness and smooths out oily skin imperfections
Biologically active β-glucan derivative: Strengthens the skin’s natural defence system and the function of its barrier, and helps it preserve its natural moisture.
Piroctone Olamine: Anti-dandruff and antibacterial action
Hydrolyzed wheat protein: Strengthens hair keratin, protects and stimulates hair

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