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Our history

CASTALIA products have been marketed since 1992. They have been developed by the Lavipharm research centres in Greece and abroad, following international quality standards and based on clinical trials.

CASTALIA markets 6 product lines:

  • Sensial: Deep hydration and relief for sensitive, dry, normal or combination skin types.
  • Dermopur: Complete intensive care for oily skin with imperfections.
  • Chronoderm: Preventive and reparative action against the signs of ageing and photo-ageing of the skin
  • Helioderm: Effective sunscreen, multi-protection of the skin
  • Lavilon: Hair & Scalp Intensive Treatment.
  • Dermogiene: Personal hygiene for the body and the intimate area for daily use

In response to the new trends and demands of the modern consumer, but mainly as a result of new scientific information, we constantly enrich our lines with innovative products. Our new products fulfil arising demands while always based on scientific research

With a clear export-oriented policy, CASTALIA products are currently marketed in 10 countries:

  • China
  • Jordan
  • Korea
  • Kosovo
  • Kuwait
  • Malta
  • Tunisia
  • Martinique
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates


At CASTALIA we believe that «Healthy skin is beautiful. When your skin looks beautiful, you feel beautiful and even better about yourself. Based on scientific expertise, the effectiveness and safety of our products and our commitment to healthy skin, we develop top quality skin cosmetics   for maximum satisfaction.

CASTALIA products:

  • With an excellent cosmetic texture and a maximum skin tolerance.
  • Provide complete solutions for all skin type needs .
  • They confirm their scientific-research and clinical study- based effectiveness.
  • They complement treatments prescribed by dermatologists.
  • Pharmacists have the the opportunity to recommend high quality dermocosmetic products.
  • With their pioneering formulas, they maximize therapeutic effectiveness.
  • They are a significant tool in the treatment of simple to more complicated skin problems.

 CASTALIA focuses on Health, is committed to Beauty and is based on Science.

Research and Development

At CASTALIA we are researching the latest trends of the global market and we respond to the new and changing needs of the consumer. Our objective is to produce high quality innovative products, to improve health of all skin types and highlight its beauty.

Our research activity  in the area of dermocosmetics focuses on the search for innovative active ingredients that are safe and provide maximum results.. In addition, the selected active ingredients are hypo-allergic, protect the skin and follow the high safety standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The safety and effectiveness of the  CASTALIA  products is proven with dermatological tests and clinical studies in Greece and abroad.


Lavipharm, a Greek company, established in 1911, is today the largest Research and Development Group that produces, imports, markets and distributes medicinal products, cosmetics and health products in Greece with intense   international activity.

With modern facilities in Greece, France and the United States of America, we cooperate with the largest pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies in the world and produce products with our own technology and high level of service for both pharmacists and consumers. Our sole objective is to improve the quality of life of people. 

In Greece, our activities are focused on medical and pharmaceutical areas, providing effective and safe solutions to health and beauty issues. In the dermocosmetic industry, in particular,  Lavipharm wasthe first company to place and  promote cosmetic products in Greek pharmacies in 1977 and to this day has a dynamic presence with  its products  CASTALIA.