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  • To apply the body cream upwards to improve lymphatic circulation.
  • Every time you wash your skin, moisturize it immediately afterwards.
  • Always moisturize chapped hands and feet.
  • soft cleansing products that do not irritate the skin.
  • products without a strong perfume.
  • very hot showers; they dehydrate the skin.
  • prolonged exposure to the sun. If this cannot be avoided, you must moisturize your skin immediately with moisturizing lotions.
  • hard scrubbing dehydrates and irritates the skin, particularly if it is already dry; therefore, immediately after using these products, use a moisturizer.
On your diet...
  • consuming foods rich in fatty acids, including olive oil, sardines, salmon, that help maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity.
  • drink plenty of water. For a healthy skin, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and consume plenty of fruit or natural juices.
  • tea, particularly green tea and all herbal teas reduce fluid retention.
TIP At bedtime, the air in the room should not be too warm and dry; but a little humid.
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