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Sun protection is necessary all day, every day and in all four seasons!

The sun, our source of life, is necessary for our body to synthesize vitamin D and for normal bone development and growth. Both UVA and UVB are used in the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis.

However, excessive sun exposure can result in devastating health consequences as it compromises your skin's natural defense mechanisms. The use of a scientifically proven sunscreen that suits yours skin type will help to prevent the harmful effects of the sunlight and maintain your’s skin health and beauty.

The choice of the most suitable sunscreen is crucial for your’s skin health. The sunscreen products that are currently marketed in the Greek market are supported by clinical studies and are high quality products.

Measurement of UV protection afforded by sunscreen products

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) shows the efficiency of the sunscreen in protection of your skin from UV rays.

The SPF number stands for how long a person wearing sun protection can stay in the sun before they start to burn. This length of time is determined by multiplying the SPF by 10 minutes. (for example: an SPF 30 x 10 minutes = 300 minutes a person can be in the sun without burning).

It should be noted that the above numbers are indicative as there are many factors that influence and even limit this threshold. You must use enough product and you should always reapply your sunscreen for optimal protection.

The key is to Find a sunscreen that suits your skin type

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